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Legal Information

Privacy policy

Every access to a website and it′s files is automatically logged for statistic and IT-related purposes, this applies also to the provider, where my websites are hosted. Following information will be stored:
- name of the visited site / file
- date and time
- partially anonymized IP address
- amount of transferred data
- possibly occuring error messages
- name of the visiting webbrowser and
- if not de-activated, the referrer, i.e. name of the previous visited domain.

In case I am getting contacted, e.g. by email, such correspondence will be saved, but only used to answer on any communication received. On request I will of course also delete those information, my contact details are shown in the Impressum.

No further logging of individual data occurs on my websites, thereby no kind of usage or forwarding of data will happen. Thereby this statement is - in theory - redundent, but well... that′s Germany and the EU.

External links

German courts sometimes expressed the understanding, that by publishing a website the owner also takes responsibility for the contents of the linked sites. To avoid this responsibility and it′s possible legal consequences it was required by several instances to "disagree" with the content of the linked pages.

Therefore I am feeling forced to declare, that:

  • I do not have any influence on the content of any linked website and any further links posted on them.
  • Only the owner/publisher of the linked sites are responsible for their content.
  • I do distance myself from contents and offers of all linked websites.
  • The links shown on my websites are only for information purpose. It′s under the own responsibility of every visitor to make use of them or not.

This declaration is valid for my following sites:
a) www.northern-europe.info
b) www.skandinavien-links.de

Personally I do regard this situation as quite obscure. It′s nearly impossible to constantly check every link, especially for all continuing links on the sites to which my webpage refers to. I am convinced, that none of my websites offers any direct link to any kind of illegal sites. To assure this as good as possible, links are only added to my websites after a verification and in addition all links are checked apprx. every half year (pls. refer to the Update-Details). It′s sad that some german authorities do "enforce" the above statements, the only alternative would be to stop publishing this link collection...