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All about Vessels

Fakta om Fartyg The information source for ferries and vessels, not only for the nordic region
Dansk Færgehistorisk Selskab København
Draken Harald Hårfagre Tour with a reconstructed viking boat from Norway to northern America
Estonia Ferry Disaster Information about the Estonia
MS Estonia 1994-09-28 Another page with information of the Estonia
Estoniasamlingen Official swedish page about the loss of the Estonia
FinnjetWeb.com Fanpage around the Finnjet
Wagenfähren in Europa Fjord and river crossings not only in northern Europe
Forum-Schiff.de German forum
MV Fram Expedition Blog Hurtigruten blog, still online, but there are no more updates since December 2015
Fallrepet Swedish vessel forum
Landgången Swedish vessel forum
Hurtigforum Forum of Hurtigruten enthusiasts
Hurtigrutenschiffe.de Photos, information
Norsk Skipfarts Forum Forum
Vasabåtarna Information about ferries in the botnian sea, mainly historical
Østenfjeldske Hurtigrutevenner Danish Hurtigruten friends


Lexin Swedish online translations
Heinzelnisse German - norwegian dictionary and forum
Bokmålsordboka / Nynorskordboka Online translations for both norwegian languages
málið.is Icelandic dictionary
bab.la Wörterbuch Schwedisch-Deutsch Dictionary, also english to swedish and norwegian
Norwegisch-lernen.info Information around learning of Norwegian language
Faroe Islands Translate Individual translations as long as another large translation service is not yet available for Faroese language
Faroese Online Online language courses
Sprotin Faroese dictionary
Pegasus Översättningar Ålem, swedish translations
Holger Gremminger Translation service swedish - german
Slangopedia Translation for a slightly different swedish
Ty-No "Hauptsache Norwegisch" Erdmannhausen, german - norwegian translations
InternetTolken Swedish internet dictionary

Different Links

Ekonomifakta Statistics about Sweden, incl. tax calculator
Nordlichter - Neues skandinavisches Kino Culture project, every year five movies are picked to tour around german cinemas
Nordregio Stockholm, Nordic Center for Spatial Development
Filmtipset Film reviews
Finnfloat Berlin (Müggelseedamm), finnish sauna float
Business Finland Finnish Business Solutions Worldwide
A Swedish Kitchen Swedish Receipts
Deutsch-Finnische-Gesellschaft Stuttgart, german finnish association
Deutsch-Isländische Gesellschaft e.V. Köln, german icelandic association
DNF - Deutsch-Norwegische Freundschaftsgesellschaft Essen, german norwegian association
Norweger in Bayern München, norwegians in Bavaria
Norsk-Tysk Selskap i Stavanger Stavanger, local german norwegian association
Utlandssvenskar.com Forum for Swedes living abroad
Legoland Germany Resort Günzburg (Bavaria)
Legoland California Resort Carlsbad, USA
Snoop-Around Reykjavík, photos and interviews of visits at celebrities and companies
Svenska Kören München, swedish choir