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This is one of the largest link-collections for Scandinavia - Denmark, Norway, Sweden - as well as Finland, Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The main focus is on tourism related topics, but there are also lots of other information about media, webcams, shopping, events, etc.

"Northern-Europe.info" is online since the end of 2002 and it is the international version of my german page "Skandinavien-Links.de", which started in January 2000. My pages are free of animations, ads, banners, cookies, social networking, etc. It′s just pure information.

This non-commercial web catalogue is based on a subjective selection of links. Any possibly existing comments and valuations reflect my personal opinion. Geographic names are shown in domestic language without english translation.

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Coronavirus / Covid-19 Crisis

Like most of the world, also the Nordic countries are heavily impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak and have partially applied severe travel restrictions. Please do your research before travelling, e.g. at following websites:

Denmark: Coronasmitte.dk
  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark
  Visit Denmark
Faroese Islands: Visit Faroe
  Corona í Føroyum
Finland: Valtioneuvosto
  Raja - The Finnish Border Guard
  Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
  Visit Finland
Greenland: Visit Greenland
  Nunatsinni Nakorsaaneqarfik
Iceland: Covid-19
Norway: Norwegian Institute of Public Health
  Visit Norway
  Sysselmannen - Governor of Svalbard
  Visit Svalbard
Sweden: Folkhälsomyndigheten - Public Health Agency of Sweden
Åland: Visit Åland

Save Salla

Salla′s application for the 2032 Olympic Summergames: Save Salla.
To be taken with a grain of salt, same time dead serious.

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Last Update: 2021-07-11

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