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Nordic Websites and Forums

Please note that most of below listed websites are in german language only.

Northern Europe in general

Besser Nord als nie! Northern Europe blog
Beyers Nordseite RV travel, tips, photos
Bike-Nord Bike and trekking tours in northern europe
Der Elch - Alces Alces All about mooses
Elchburger.de Portal about Sweden, Norway and Finland
Elles Sicht Travelogues
Fjällforum Forum
Fjällwanderung.de Information around hiking in the nordic Fjäll
Kerstin unterwegs … Pictures, lectures and tutorials
Meine Treks von 2008 bis heute Stunning photoes of trekking tours, partially in northern Europe, done by "berniehh"
Nordicfamily Travel blog
Nordlandblog Professional blog
Nordlandfieber Travelogue with focus on northern Europe, a bit of vanlife and special dedication to Helsinki
Nordland-Virus Trekking in Scandinavia, no updates since long time
Northtrail.de Travelogues, especially around outdoor trips, website is no longer updated
Outdoor-Life.eu Outdoor tours, also outside of Scandinavia
Outdoorseiten.net Outdoor forum
Outventurous Travelogues over ambitious wilderness tours, e.g. in Greenland
5 Reicherts Scandinavia travelogues, photos
SkandinaVia General information
Scandinavian Mountains Information for mountain hiking
Skandinavien-Wiki german language Wiki, just started
Terre&Mer - Voyages Travelogues, Arctic, northern Europe, Antarctica and other fascinating destinations (mainly in french language)
Travel Forum Worldwide travel forum in swedish language
Die Trolle Website about the (german language) book "Die Trolle - wie sie leben"
Träume nicht Dein Leben, lebe Deinen Traum Travelogues, also outside of Scandinavia
Vom Oslofjord zur Barentssee Travelogue from 2007, still worth to read
Walking North Girls Blog of a hiking tour from Basel to the North Cape
Wild Places Travelogues from Island, the Lofot Islands and other great worldwide regions
Willem Vandoorne′s Travel Log Travelogues, hiking and trecking in Greenland, Norway and other nordic countries
Winterfjell Hints and information about winter tours in the North
World Wild Places Travelogues and photes from Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and other fascinating places of the world


DK-Forum All about Denmark

Faroe Islands

DFF - Deutsch-Färöischer Freundeskreis German-Faroese Friendship
Jens-Kjeld Jensen Nature and animals on the Faroese
My Faroese Islands Holiday blog


Escape to Lapland Äkäslompolo, blog about leaving London for a life in Lapland
Finnland-Forum Forum
FinnlandWeb.de Information, links, forum
Finntastic Blog
Finntouch - Finnland hautnah Blog
Finnweh! Blog
Helsinki - Die Perle der Ostsee Information around Helsinki
Tarjas Blog Blog


Adventures of a Polarphile Blog about living in Greenland, including lots of information for visitors
Greenland Buzz News and information
Umiaq Travelogues
Zinni-Online Worldwide travelogues with main focus on Greenland


tibauer - Texte und Fotos von Tina Bauer Blog and photos
Claus in Island Blog and photos, Djupavík
Dagys Reisebilder Iceland and other destinations
Stefan Erdmann - Island 63° 66° N Movie projects, also at other destinations
Hanomag in Island Travelogues and great pictures
Ice Cold Land Travelogue
Iceland 24 - Travel Blog Information and travelogues
Icelandic Cooking, Recipes and Food Reykjavík
Isafold.de - Wanderungen über das Hochland Islands Travelogues and hiking routes, very detailed information, great photos (only in german)
Island - einfach anders! - Islandreise.info Travel information, chat, forum, etc.
Island mit dem Mountainbike Travelogues, photos, infos, website is no longer updated
Islandbloggen News, information, a swedish blog
Islandreisen von Uwe Reimann Iceland travel, also with a less typical car
ourFootprints.de Travel information, mainly about Iceland
Stuck in Iceland Travel blog
Unique Iceland - Wanderungen in Island Hiking tours, author also publishes hiking guides
Way-up-North Travelogues and infos
Zu Fuß in Island Travelogues, photos, website is no longer updated


Cecilia Blomdahl Blog, photos and videos from Svalbard
Fjellforum Fjell- and outdoor forum
Hei Norge! Travel and immigration blog
Kjell Iver Johansen Travelogues and hiking routes from Helgeland
Kazis Seite - Skandinavien und mehr Travelogues
Med veien som mål A hike across Norway from Lindesnes to the North Cape, travelogue from 2014
NAF - Norwegen-Angelforum Fishing forum
Norwegen - Land der Mitternachtssonne Local infos, links, etc.
Norwegen-Service Martin Schmidt Tips, photo-shows, language information, etc.
Norwegen aus der Sicht eines Touristen Norway in the view of a tourist
Norwegen Freunde Forum, information, travelogues, etc.
Norge / Norway / Norwegen - Inlandfähren Very good and detailed ferry overview
Odda und das Tal der Wasserfälle Information about Otta and living in Norway
Reiseführer Südnorwegen Information about southern Norway
The Travel Inspector Travel blog, Norway and more
Traumland Norwegen - ju-caras Webseite Travelogues
Turjenter.no Blog about girls on tours, but not only for girls
vds. Blog about living in Vadsø
Vidda Runners Outdoor tours with huskies, by ski, boat, foot, etc.


Adolfströmsbloggen Blog about living in Adolfström
alltomsverige Blog on miscellaneous topics
Aktivschweden Waldkraiburg, a few Sweden information
Besucherguide Schweden Travel information, sights, activities, etc.
Das große Schwedenforum Forum, information, etc.
Gina Johansen Blog of a Swedish adventure girl
Leben in Schweden Blog, website is no longer updated
Lokman.se Train and vessel photos, including historical pictures
Nygårdh′s Irrfärder i Fjällen Hiking tours
rapadalen.de - Kebnekaise och Sarek Hiking tours, website is no longer updated
Schwedenhappen Swiss blog
Schwedentor Sweden portal, community, links, etc.
Schwedentreffpunkt Forum
Schweden Urlaub Blog Travelogues, information
Skarja - Wandern und Paddeln im Norden Information, photos, travelogues
The Stockholm Tourist Blog
Treffpunkt-Schweden About living and holidays in Sweden
Way-up-North Living in Skellefteå, blog
8Seasons Huskies Miekojärvi (nearby Överkalix), blog about start and end of a huskytour company