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Tourist Information Greenland

Visit Greenland - The Official Tourism Site

Cities and Counties

Avannaata Kommunia (Ilulissat)
Kommune Kujalleq (Nanortalik, Narsaq, Qaqortoq)
Visit Nuuk
Kommune Qeqertalik (Aasiaat)
Qeqqata Kommunia (Maniitsoq, Sisimiut)
Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq  (Ivittuut, Paamiut, Nuuk, Ammassalik, Ittoqqortoormiit)
Destination Arctic Circle (Sisimiut, Maniitsoq, Kangerlussuaq)


Aasiaat Museum Aasiaat
Ilulissat Kunstmuseum Ilulissat, art museum
Kangiata Illorsua - Isfjordscentret Ilulissat, museum and exhibitions
Narsaq Museum Narsaq
Katuaq Nuuk, national house of culture
Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia Nuuk, national theatre
Nunatta Katersugaasivia Allagaateqarfialu Nuuk, Grønlands Nationalmuseum & Arkiv
Nuuk Kunstmuseum Nuuk
Ammassalik Museum Tasiilaq
Nukaka - MuseumGL Museum overview


Arctic Umiaq Line Cruises along the westcoast of Greenland, the greenlandic "Hurtigruten"
Hundeslædekørsel Dogsledge tours
Snescooterkørsel Snowmobile tours
Hvalsafari Whalewatching tours
Paul Walker Tangent Expeditions Consultancy and equipment for true expeditions
Disko Line Ilulissat, boat tours to the Disko Bay
Ilulissat Adventure Ilulissat, small group adventures in the Disko Bay area
Unique Tours Ilulissat, ice fjord, shuttle and charter boat tours
Nanu Travel Ittoqqortoormiit, dogsledge, sailing, snowmobile, equipment rental, etc.
Nanortalik Tourism Service Nanortalik
Blue Ice Explorer Narsaq, cruises, hiking, fishing, etc.
Arctic Excursions Nuuk, ice berg, northern lights, dogsledge and whale watching tours, also flightseeing
Sisorarfiit / Skiliften Nuuk, skiing hill
Greenland Sagalands Qaqortoq, tours and sightseeing
Diskobay Tours Qasigiannguit
Sirius Greenland Sisimiut, diving, fishing, snowmobile tours, charter tours, etc.
Sisimiut Bådcharter Sisimiut
Tasiilaq Tours Tasiilaq, outdoor tours, equipment rental, logistic support
Cafè de Upernavik Upernavik, kayak tours
Siku Tours Uummannaq (island north of the Disko Bay), dogsledge tours, icefishing, hiking, etc.
Uummannaq Seasafaris Uummannaq, boat tours

Other Information

Arktisk Instituts Fotosamling Cooperation of the Artisk Institut and Dansk Polar Centers to preserve greenlandic pictures
Sermersooq Kommuneplan 2032 Visions about the future development of greenlandic cities
Napa - Nordens Institut i Grønland Nordic cultural cooperation
Pisiffik Listing of shopping options in Greenland
Arsukfjorden Arsuk, historic documentation, status as per 2008 without any further updates
Narsaq Foto Narsaq, Greenland photos
Arctic Thule Expedition Santa Barbara, CA, documents about the search for the earth′s northernmost point of land
Arktisk Kommando Nuuk, military base for defence and surveillance, emergency services, etc.
Slædepatruljen Sirius The famous dogsledge patrol watching around 2100 km of coastline during the winter
Expedition Office Nuuk, issues permits for tours on the inland iceshelf
Extreme Ice Survey Long-term glacier photography program to visualize the changing ecosystem, also covering Greenland
Kittat Economusée Nuuk, traditional greenlandic costumes
Nunatta Atuagaateqarfia & Groenlandica Nuuk, national and city libraries
Naalakkersuisut - Government of Greenland Nuuk, parliament, "Grønlands Hjemmestyre"
GIF - Grønlands Idræts-Forbund Nuuk, sports association
Godthåbhallen Nuuk, sports and event hall
Naatsorsueqqissaartarfik Nuuk, statistics
Nuuk Center Nuuk, shopping center
Nuuk Water Taxi Nuuk, Ilulissat and Qasigiannguit, water taxi and boat charter
Nuup Bussii Nuuk, bus routes
Pinngortitaleriffik Nuuk, nature institute
Summit Station Research station, located at the peak of the Greenland ice cap
Pituffik (Thule Air Base) Thule, information about the requirements and necessary permissions to fly to Thule
Peterson and Schriever Space Force Base - Pituffik Space Base Thule, memories of the Thule Air Base and Pituffik Area
Santa Claus of Greenland The greenlandic Santa Claus
Energy Transition Minerals Australian company, searches and extracts natural resources
Tanbreez Another australian mining company looking to extract natural resources


Restaurant Nanoq Aasiaat (Fr. Lyngesvej)
KOKS in Ilimanaq Lodge Ilimanaq, co-work with the faroese award-winning chef
Brasserie Ulo Ilulissat
Restaurant Roklubben Kangerlussuaq
Restaurant Bone′s Nuuk Nuuk (Imaneq)
Restaurant Charoen Porn Nuuk
A Hereford Beefstouw Nuuk (Aqqusinersuaq)
Restaurant Sarfalik Nuuk
Skyline Bar Nuuk
Café Inuk Nuussuaq
Restaurant H8 Explorer Oqaatsut (north of Ilulissat)
Sinnifik Inn / Café Heidi-mut Qaqortoq

Travel Agencies

Albatros Arctic Circle Kangerlussuaq, Sisimiut
Arctic Wonderland Tours Kulusuk
Greenland Adventures Reykjavík, all kind of outdoor activities, from short tours to multi-week trecking
Greenland Tours Hafnarfjörður and Berlin, tour operator specialised in travel to Greenland
Greenland Travel København, danish agency
Guide to Greenland Nuuk, large collaboration in the Greenlandic travel industry
The Red House East Greenland Tasiilaq
Kría-Tours Natur- & Erlebnisreisen Laer, german agency specialized on Iceland and Greenland
Nonni Travel Greenland and Iceland specialists
Nordwindreisen Memmingen, german agency specialized on Greenland
Sigl Reisevermittlung Marktoberdorf, german travel agency
Topas Travel Ry, danish agency for coastal cruises
Tupilak Travel Nuuk and København
World of Greenland Ilulissat

The Canadian Neighbours

Northern Village of Kuujjuaq  
Nunavik Tourism